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Experience first-hand a little slice of paradise with these amazing tastes
Experience first-hand the creativity of Aimée Corno with these amazing tastes

Cobra Women . . . . . . . 14


Inspired by the 1944 critically acclaimed movie Cobra Women, about a man searching for his kidnapped bride, we find ourselves in the Pacific Isles. The inhabitants of this Island give regular sacrifices to the Volcano and worship the Cobra, of which the newly landed explorers are fearful… but plot twist! The island is run by Naja the High Priestess and the twin sister of the kidnapped bride. The man perhaps bit off more than he could fathom as the Hiğh Priestess invokes her justice and inspires this strong, spirit forward cocktail that is an intense reckoning to consider.

Los Siete Misterios – Doba- Yej Mezcal

Cachaca 51

Cherry Infused Alvear Fino Sherry

House Made Falernum

Citric & Saline Solution

Barrel Aged Orange Bitters

Sundry Smash . . . . . . . 13


A miscellaneous mixture boasting our fresh herbs and in house products combined with Absolut Vodka, house Orgeat and mineral savvy Riesling with a touch of coconut sugar, lemon, and lime. Having a garden with us always inspires the freshest of flavors and the Sundry Smash takes fresh picked herbs and plants, and shakes and serves right to you. If you are feeling something, let us know! Might be growing just for you.

Absolute Vodka



House Herbs

Bitters to Taste

Soda (if needed)


A touch of decadence with vintage style and service, our Punch bowls exist to give you a feel of the better life. Punch flowing like water, lit aflame with exciting seasoning and “keys in a bowl” results.


Punch 1 . . . . . . .49.50

House Blend Rum


Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon Oleo Sacchrum

5 Spice

House Herbs

Blanc de Blanc Sparkling

Bitters to Taste

Ice Molds

Garnish/Lit on Fire


Punch 2 . . . . . . .47.50

House Blend Rum

Lot 40 Rye

House Tea

Citrus Oleo Sacchrum

House Falernum

Fuzz Shrub


Van “Sweet Thang” Swizzle . 13


The Swizzle is fundamental in classic cocktail culture, pre-dating the old fashioned and the Mojito. Using techniques adopted by the Julep, and spirits from the Caribbean to make a fresh and easy drinking treat that never goes out of style. Our take on this is begging from our own history, a Canadian rye gently meshed with light and bright Barbados rum and brought together with mint, lemon grass, fresh lemon zest, aromatic bitters, and hand crushed ice. Usually a staple of the day. Swizzle this way with this Van “Sweet Thang” Swizzle.

Mount Gay Eclipse

Lot 40 Rye

Mint and Lemon Grass Half Syrup

Fresh mint

Ms. Betters Bitters

Lost in the Light . . . . . . . 15


“so if someone can see me now, let them see you"


This cocktail is easy, pretty and leaves you wanting. A floral, sweet take on the classic Martini. We reach a meeting of spirits between time zones and appellations, for a thoughtful, easy sipping, clear cocktail. Bringing together two principled spirits isn’t always easy but with the help of tiki and a classic technique we see the possibility. In homage of its origins we make this bird fly. Now write a Haiku and put it in our Lost bottle for your friends and loved ones to find upon their next visit.  

Ty Ku Junmai Ginjo Sake

El Gobernador Pisco

House Banana Vermouth

Tiki Lime Pineapple Bitters

Lovegame. . . . . . . 14


This cocktail asks a couple questions that you get to determine what will be. A dichotomy between sense and feel, practicality and passion, if cocktail cannot be the life blood - we know Love is. We serve you a lovely season-bright cocktail and give the option of an aphrodisiac inspired Elixir to add at your will as well as a love token to add to the classic 1960s Love Tester game to give you a definitive and scientific result ;)


Part 1

Fig Infused Bombay Sapphire Gin

Fresh Pressed Galangal Juice

Coconut Sugar

Citric and Saline Solution

Scrappy Cardamom Bitters


Part 2

Added at Your Own Whim

The Love Elixir

Freebooter Grog . . . . . . . 12


This cocktail is as much tiki as anything that was imbibed in the years 1500 – 1800 whilst traveling around the south seas. It was the base of such famous cocktails as the Daiquiri, the Swizzle, and the Flip and we pay our respects to the soldiers and freebooters that enjoyed their rations on a daily basis. When sailing around in the hot sun, Grog became a necessity as the lime cured scurvy, the low proof ales brought down the ABV of Navy Strong overproof rum, and sugar was plentiful. Get your ration.

House Blend of Rum

Fresh Lime

House Beer Syrup

Aromatic Bitters

Array of Garnish

Trés Trés Tik . . . . . . . 15


While we can’t change the past we can create a better future. The history between the cultures is not romantic but the combination of these two rich cultures is pure puuurrr. Our take on a sour we blend French Cognac and aged Rum with house made lime leaf syrup, coconut crème, and citric juices to balance. Finished from our garden, we give you a fresh beautifully rich cocktail that leaves nothing wanting.


Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

Lime Leaf Syrup

Coconut Crème

Lemon/Lime Juice

Egg White


Beach Party. . . . . . . 15


Inspired by the 1963 film about attractive young surfers in Southern California that are just out for a good time. An anthropologist follows the lives of the young, worry-less, carefree youth of yester year. What a dream. He discovers romantic rivalries, rugged motorcyclists, and attempted crime; but no worries, everyone is handsome so we laugh it off. Our cocktail wants you to feel those easy breezy disposable income days, coming to you in a bright blue beautiful expression to share with those you might want to get into a little trouble with later on ;) 2 Straws provided, oh you are welcome.




In-house Blue Curacao

Fuzz Shrub

Coconut Crème

House Made Orgeat


6.25 ea
Let us do the deciding for you. Here are 4 delicious options for you. Just tell us how many and what flavour! Delivered in style of course.


Rum, House Made Falernum, Mint, Grenadine, Lemon and Lime


Rye, Pineapple Liqueur, Habenaro Bitters, and Nutmeg



Vodka, Coco Crème, Rose Water, Vanilla, Lemon Verbena



Tequila, Pandam, Mint and Lemon Grass Syrup, Pineapple

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